2020 Covid Continuation Plan

FROM: Jason Brown, HSBC President


Good morning HSBC.

After a lot of anticipation, we are finally able to start planning on starting practices next week. Schedules for practice fields will be worked on this week so be looking for a message from your coaches soon!

A few things we will need each of you to do before we can begin.

Per county recommendations, the club has created a mitigation plan for our practices. Please take the time to read it and discuss it with your son. It is very important to the club that we make every effort to protect our kids and our families so following this plan will be necessary. We do anticipate a plan from the WSYBL for league games soon.

Please print the attached waiver form, sign it, and bring it with you to your first practice. No player will be allowed to return to practice until this waiver has been signed. If you need a printed copy please reach out to me.

If you haven’t already please pick up your uniforms. We will need your son to try them on to make sure they fit. If any part of your uniform doesn't fit you will need to notify the club by this coming Friday.

We’re almost there. A lot of planning and a lot of work will still needs to happen, but we’re almost there. Your coaches and team parents will be working very hard so please be patient with them. Have a great week all, and get ready for baseball!